Dark Red Design




Driving innovation through great design


Who we are

Dark Red Design is a full service engineering and product design consultancy based in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Established in 2013, it was founded by director Carlos Latcham in order to bring a more intelligent, streamlined approach to the design process. Over a career spanning more than 20 years, Carlos saw too many promising ideas fail to make it into production through ineffective problem solving and inadequate use of funding.

At Dark Red Design, efficiency is at the heart of everything we do—we have committed to providing our clients with the fastest and most direct way from initial concept to final manufacture. A lifelong fascination with how things work and talent for inventive solutions means we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

With more than two decades experience working across the medical, automotive, aerospace, industrial and consumer sectors, our passion for solving problems through effective and innovative design has led to the creation of hundreds of ground-breaking products.

What we do

We help solo entrepreneurs, SMEs and multi-national organisations achieve their unique ambitions through great design, cutting-edge innovations and original thinking.

Taking concepts from initial idea through to finished product, our integration of different disciplines from the very first steps along the design process ensures your product has the easiest and most cost-effective route to market possible. This blending of critical skills keeps our approach lean, allowing us to be reactive to new directions and new developments and make more efficient use of the budget and resources available. By building manufacturability in at each stage, we strike the ideal balance between creative flair, deep technical expertise and commercial realism to deliver outstanding value to our clients.

Simply put—we make better choices.


Our philosophy

We are a user-led design consultancy. We know a product isn’t a success until it meets the exact demands of its intended audience.

We commit to gaining a deep understanding of the needs of our clients’ customers through exhaustive contextual research. Knowing how a product will impact the lives of the people it’s designed for gives us the ability to create meaningful solutions that work. This fundamental belief in the potential of great design to solve problems and make a real difference drives everything we do. It informs every decision we make, it motivates us and helps us build sustainable client relationships.

To discover how our expertise and passion for great design can help you reach your goals, contact us now.